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Phantasy Star Online
ScreenShot Developer

Online PSO Snapshots Converter

This tool was made to convert the snapshots saved on your VMU by the Dreamcast game "Phantasy Star Online" into PNG or JPEG images.

To know how to save screenshots thanks to your VMU and the Dreamcast game PSO go to Kolibry's page, he explains everything.

Images created by this tool are in JPEG or PNG format according to your choice (note that versions before dreamkey3.0 can't display images in PNG format) to be easily used on web sites or sent by mail.
You can also modify image's dimensions, improve light's effects and create a progressive displaying.
Finally, the modified image can be saved to your VMU or transloaded to a host using FTP.

A big thanks to Jens Björnhager for his precious help!

Updated the 01/01/2006:
you can now transfer a snapshot using a PC browser or the US Dreamcast browser Planetweb, as well as the european Dreamcast browser DreamKey or the japanese Dreamcast browser DreamPassport.

Updated the 06/01/2006:
Fixed some bugs dealing with image's saving and FTP transfer.

Updated the 18/11/2006:
Fixed a bug that prevented the form to be submitted, thanks to Kolibry.

Please report bugs as quickly as possible so they can be fixed.

Choose your VMS or DCI file corresponding to the PSO______IMG file with the "Browse" button then click only once on the "Convert >>" button:

Snapshots gallery
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