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This tool allows you to quickly save any file of any type on your VM.
All you have to do for that is to complete the fields above and to click on the "VM save" button.
If you wonder what one of the form's field corresponds to click on its link, a window containing the field's decription will appear.


  • If the VM file doesn't load properly first make sure that the file's address is correct.
  • Although the text to put in the "Comment" field is optionnal, some external applications could use this field's value, so it is advised to put the same file name as the original file's, or at least to keep the same extension.
  • The loading of the saved file will depend on the file type selected, if you hesitate chose the default type, a bad type can make the file impossible to load.
  • The easiest way to load a saved file is to go to the VM filemanager (in the right menu), make the files scroll untill you see the name as you saved it then chose the "LOAD" option at the left bottom. If the file can't be loaded this way save it again and make sure not to modify the value of the "File name" filed (or only the 2 last chars).
  • If you own a casual VM with 200 free blocks the max size of the file to save on your VM is about 100KB, indeed 1 block represents 512 Bytes, 512 x 200 = 102400, a part of the VM file can't be used so the final max size is 101696 Bytes.

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