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How to download a VMU savegame?
  • SAVE THE VMI FILE AND THE VMS FILE TO THE SAME DIRECTORY WITHOUT RENAMING THEM ! YOU NEED THE VMI FILE AND THE VMS FILE, BOTH ARE NECESSARY AND CAN'T BE USED SEPARATELY ! The VMI file only contains file's info (size, name, etc...), as for the VMS file it contains savegame's data
  • or else, you can save only the DCI file which contains both info and data in one file in the format used by Nexus memory cards
  • if you want to rename the savegame you can edit the name in the "Filename" field before downloading the file
How to use a VMU savegame with a real Dreamcast?
  • download Dream Explorer
  • start Dream Explorer, select the VMI file or the DCI file in the list and upload the savgegame to one of your VMUs
How to use a VMU savegame with a Dreamcast emulator?
  • download VMU Explorer
  • download the batch file for Chankast or NullDC
  • put VMU Explorer and the batch file in the emulator's directory, then double click the batch
  • choose a VMU and select the VMI file or the DCI file thanks to the "File > Import file..." menu
  • save changes to the VMU thanks to the "File > Save VM" menu

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