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Dream Explorer 0.8.5

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Last modified

30 june 2006 (version 0.8.5)

This application is made for a real Dreamcast, it might not work properly in Dreamcast emulators.

The selfboot image uses a dummy file so the CD doesn't damage your Dreamcast's lens. It has been tested and reported to work with Disc Juggler 3.50.830, you can burn it safely with this burning software.

If you try to mount the image or explore the content of the CD in a PC explorer, some files will look corrupted. This was made so files can't be extracted from the CD, they are copyright protected and must not be used separately. Please don't try to break this protection.
Selfboot images

Ready to burn images containing the application to launch directly in your Dreamcast without the need of a boot program.

Includes almost 6000 VMU saves for most EU, US and JP Dreamcast games, 400 Shenmue VMU Goodies, 130 VMU games, 350 VMU icons, 32 new wallpapers and 9 new musics.

Also includes all GUI files needed by Dream Explorer - VMU Tool to display menus correctly with sound effects, plus resource files to customize Dream Explorer - VMU Tool and Dreamcast boot menu's appearance.

Executables to launch with boot programs or to make your own selfboot image.
You need GUI files on a CD or PC so Dream Explorer - VMU Tool can display menus properly with sound effetcs.
GUI files

Files needed by Dream Explorer - VMU Tool to display menus properly with sound effects.
The "vmutool" directory must be placed on the CD or PC root.

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