These are the prizes that will be kindly shipped for free by Lik-Sang to the winners at the end of the competition:

1 Dreamcast Tissue Holder (US$8.90)
+ 20% Discount Code
For true DC fans, this tissue holder is made from cloth, and is in the shape
of a Dreamcast console. Lifting up the "drive cover", you can pull out
tissues from any standard sized tissue box. Looks great in the living room.
Also comes with a 20% discount code that can be used on anything you like
(but not in conjunction with other special offers of course).

5 Castle of Shikigami 2 Wall Scroll (US$2.95)
+ Lik-Sang T-Shirt (US$9.90)
A wall scroll usually reserved for stores to promote the release of the
famous shooter, Shikigami no Shiro 2 on the Dreamcast. Each one comes with a
large sized Lik-Sang tee.