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Welcome to Blue Swirl !

This place is dedicated to the fans of the Dreamcast, Sega's legendary last console. Here you'll find :

A VMU section containing tons of VMU saves of Dreamcast games from all regions, all the most wanted VMU games, plenty of VMU icons, miscelaneous VMU anims and other files to download for the memory card of your Dreamcast, as well as a public VMU uploader for Dreamcast and PC.

A tools section containing all sorts of online tools compatible with Dreamcast browsers DreamKey, DreamPassport and PlanetWeb, as well as tools to download with a PC.

A multimedia section containing video games musics in MIDI format, and small video clips in mpeg and sofdec (sfd) formats.

A games section containing some free games and softwares to burn and use with your Dreamcast (no isos of commercial games), as well as some tips and files for the best Dreamcast games and softwares.

and many more...

Have a good visit !

  Latest updates:
  March 6, 2010
VMU Uploader down:

The VMU uploader is down at the moment. You can still download VMU saves, only sending VMU files is temporarilly unavailable.

The bug will be quickly fixed, thanks to Patrick for having reported this.
  Februrary 1, 2008
Dream Explorer's videos:

While browsing YouTube, I found some particullary interesting videos showing Dream Explorer / VMU Tool in action.

The first one explains how to enable the VMU hack to display the Dreamcast BIOS menu in 3d, and how to change Dreamcast background image.

The second one is a demo of the 3d Dreamcast BIOS menu with the VMU hack enabled, the quality is better than the first one.

Don't hesitate to share your Dream Explorer's videos as well. It's always a pleasure for me to see that my work is useful and appreciated.
Videos have been added into the Dream Explorer > resources > videos section.

You need a recent version of Flash Player to watch these videos, so you can't watch them with Dreamcast browsers DreamKey, DreamPassport and Planetweb.
  January 5, 2008
Work in progress:

VMU Shell is a Windows shell extension that allows you to display info of VMU files from your hard drive disk in Windows explorer's interface.

When you hover VMI and VMU files (as well as DCI and DCM files later) with your mouse, a dynamic tooltip containing your files most important info is displayed, so you don't need to open them in a particular tool anymore.

Also icons associated with files are replaced with dynamic icons corresponding to icons displayed in Dreamcast BIOS.

Windows thumbnails will be used to display images embedded in files, like VMS eyecatchs, PSO snapshots, Dreamcast BIOS wallpapers, etc...

VMU Shell should also add some features to the contextual menu as well as a panel in the "Properties" menu to edit your files very easily.

A first version should be available soon.

Happy new year !

VMU Shell VMU Shell
VMU Shell VMU Shell
  December 21, 2007
New online tool:

On Rolly's request, a new online tool is available.

TXR2 Stickers Editor is a tool for the Dreamcast game Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2. It allows to use images of your choice as custom stickers to decorate your cars. This tool is still in early stage of development and might have some bugs, please let me know if you find one.

VMU saves updated:

The VMU saves list has been slightly updated. Thumbnails are now available for saves containing images, as well as for PSO snapshots saves.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone !
  October 27, 2007
New VMU files:

Rolly from Sega Support, a new partner site of Blue Swirl, has sent numerous VMU saves as well as some exclusive VMU mini games.

Go download them in the VMU saves' list, the minigames will be soon copied to the VMU games section.

Thanks again to Rolly, don't hesitate to visit his site (in polsky).
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