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  On this page you'll find some tools mainly for the Dreamcast that don't need any install and that can be used directly in your browser. This way they are compatible with all platforms (nevertheless some of them are only of interest for a specific platform, read the tool's description to learn more).

  To always be sure to browse the last version updated use the shortcut and follow the links.

TXR2 Stickers EditorTXR2 Stickers Editor is a tool for the Dreamcast game Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2. It allows to use images of your choice as custom stickers to decorate your cars.
VMU CopyAllows you to copy any VM file and save it under the name you want. Useful for backing up a save or renaming a file so it's detected by a game from another region.
Extra BG MakerAllows you to change the bacground image of the DC boot menu from a PVR texture or a PNG/GIF/JPEG image as you like. Note that for a PNG/GIF/JPEG image its size must be one of these:
- 16x16
- 32x32
- 64x64
- 128x128
The best quality/size rate is obtained with a 64x64 image.
VMI EditorAllows you to create/edit a VMI file. This tool is not made to be used with a DC browser.
DCI ConverterVM Nexus' files conversion tool. Allow to convert DCI Nexus files into VMI+VMS to be downloaded with DreamKey/DreamPassport/Planetweb or to create a DCI Nexus file from a VMI+VMS couple
VM Checksum CorrectorAllow to repair the VMI and VMS files bad written. The VMI files usually only downloadable with Planetweb become available with DreamKey or DreamPassport as well. The VMS files modified to cheat are sometime corrupted and impossible to use in the game, this tool solves this problem too
PSO Screenshot Developper + GalleryAllows you to create an image from the PSO/SCREEN_IMAGE (PSO______IMG) file created when you make a snapshot in PSO. You can modify its size, its format, its quality, its brightness and transfer it to your host by FTP
Hail - The web based Hotmail® ClientAllows you to have access to the mail service of Hotmail with any browser. The VMU saves attachments are recognized.
ICQ SenderAllows you to send messages by ICQ with any browser.
Bookmark MakerAllows you to group up to 99 bookmarks in 1 file to avoid the waste of space. For example this demo is 11 blocks big for 99 bookmarks, while it would take 198 blocks with the normal method
VM QuickSaveAllows you to save any file type on the VM from its URL so you can load it then from the filemanager. Works for example with the flash anims, the mpeg or sofdec videos, the wav or adx sounds, the applications such as the 3 models or the lcd images
VM notepadAllows you to save the source code of a web page or your own code in a VM file, when you load this file the code is interpreted as a HTML page and the result appears like a web page (works offline too!)
VM Uploader (+ Extractor) v2.0Allows you to stock your VM saves on the web. The files sent are first saved on this site, then you can transfer them to your host by FTP. If your save contains a file (image, sound, html document or video) it will automatically been extracted
DK 3D Model MakerGenerates the HTML code necessary to anim different 3d models of your choice depending on the browser (viewable only with dreamkey)
LCD Ticker MakerGenerates the HTML code necessary to display a scrolling message on the VM's LCD screen (viewable only with dreamkey, dreampassport or the last versions of planetweb)
PuruPuru Vibrations MakerGenerates the HTML code to control the vibration pack also called Puru Puru (will work only with dreamkey, dreampassport or the last versions of planetweb)
VMS HexeditorAllows you to view and edit the content of your VM files
LCD Tool 3.2Allows you to create your VM icons with your dreamcast or your PC. You can load an existing icon from a LCD file or an image GIF, PNG, JPEG or XBM. You will be able to save your work in VMS (ICONDATA_VMS file to replace your VM's icon), LCD (image displayed on the VM from a HTML page), PNG, JPEG or XBM (images displayed on a HTML page) formats. Now it allows you to create anims too.
Q3 Online ScannerAllows you to scan the servers' list of the game Quake 3 Arena to see who is playing without having to leave your browser. Furthermore the servers' list contains all the european Sega servers (UK+SP) allowing the players who don't own the european game to obtain the adress of the official servers remaining.
VM Extractor (outdated)Allows you to extract directly the image/sound file contained in your saves if they are of the type DREAMKEY.O**/PASSPORT.O** or DREAMKEY.P**/PASSPORT.P**
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