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  On this page you'll find miscelaneous tools mainly for the Dreamcast. You have to download them, some of them also require you to install or burn them.

  To always be sure to browse the last version updated use the shortcut and follow the links.

My tools:
Dream Explorer (alias VMU Tool)

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It is a kind of mini-OS for the Dreamcast that allows to open files from VMU/PC/CD/GD into the numerous embedded tools (VMU files backup, audio player, images viewer, hexeditor, VMU icon editor, Dreamcast BIOS background image selector, Gameshark cheats editor, text viewer...).

The CD includes nearly 6000 Dreamcast game saves directly uploadable to your VMUs, among other VMU files, sounds and images. The GUI is entirely themable and you can freely make your own custom CD including your sounds, images, VMU saves...

Click on the link for screenshots (in the "Help" section), a full description as well as the files to download.
VMU Explorer

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This tool for Windows allows to manage your VMUs thanks to a complete GUI displaying every info and images of selected files and VMUs (name, icon, eyecatch, blocks, last formatting date, FAT visualization...).

It is compatible with raw dumps (similar to those used in Chankast, NullDC and Dream Explorer) as well as with DCM dumps (format used by Nexus memory cards or their clones).

Very useful to easily manage memory cards in Dreamcast emulators thanks to miscelaneous features:
- import and export your VMU saves in DCI or VMI+VMS formats
- format your Dreamcast memory cards to prepare them for your save games
- defragment your VMUs to free maximum space

How to use a VMU savegame with a Dreamcast emulator?
  • download VMU Explorer
  • download the batch file for Chankast or NullDC
  • put VMU Explorer and the batch file in the emulator's directory, then double click the batch
  • choose a VMU and select the VMI file or the DCI file thanks to the "File > Import file..." menu
  • save changes to the VMU thanks to the "File > Save VM" menu
This command line tool allows to create a VMU icon or eyecatch from a BMP image. You'll then be able to insert converted bitmaps in a VMU file, which is particularly useful for your games/emulators/apps projects for Dreamcast.

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Command line tool to extract info and images from VMUs' files.

This tool manage files in VMI/VMS format (in that case the path of the VMI pointing to the VMS must be used as the argument) as well as the DCI files (format used by Nexus memory cards or their clones). Icons and eyecatchs can be extracted in BMP format.

Thanks to SiZiOUS the tool also owns a superb GUI (independant from the command line program) made like Windows' explorer. It allows to browse your hard drive directories and to display info and images corresponding to VMU files found. VMI info is also modifiable thanks to embedded editor.

To download SiZiOUS' GUI go to this page.
Made by other people:
Disc Juggler 3.50.830 TrialCD and DVD burning software by Padus, allows to burn CD images in CDI format.

Dream AnimatorDrawing tool to make your icons/anims for VM
Pvr2BmpConverts pvr files (dreamcast games' textures) into bmp images
Pvr2PngSame principle as pvr2bmp with more parameters and a more adapted image format (png retranscribes alpha channel transparency unlike bmp)
Adx2WavConverts adx files (dreamcast games' audio stream) into wav sounds to be listened from your PC
Wav2AdxAllows to do exactly the opposite of Adx2Wav, for DC softwares or sites development
Sfd2MpgAnother tool to convert files, this time for sofdec videos (.sfd). Converted files are in mpg format, envisage some room on your hard drive
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