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What's a VMU uploader?

Do you want to compare your skill with players from all over the world? Do you want to backup your VMU files safely? Or simply share your best save with the community?

That's what the VMU uploader is for, it lets you easily submit your own Dreamcast savegames and addons to make the Dreamcast live forever !

What do I need?

The VMU uploader is compatible with PC/Mac and Dreamcast browsers (Planetweb, DreamKey, DreamPassport). No special hardware is needed.

PC/Mac users can upload their VMU files in DCI format. It corresponds to backups of single VMU files made by Nexus memory cards, if you want to convert a VMI/VMS to a DCI file use DCI Converter.
Dreamcast browsers users can upload any of the files available on their VMUs. DreamKey and DreamPassport won't let you select copy protected files though.

How to upload my VMU file?

Follow these 5 easy steps and you're done:

1. Select a DCI file from your hard disk drive or a file from your VMUs with the "Browse" button.
2. Select the name of the game which your file is made for, OR add a new game if it's not in the list.
3. Select the region of your game, this is important since some files only work with one region of the game.
4. Enter a short description of your file in English or French. You can mention the state of your save (5 lives at the 3rd boss...), your name or anything related to your file. Put most important info on top.
5. Press the "Upload" button and WAIT until the next page is fully loaded. It can take a few minutes so please be patient.

How to download my VMU file?

VMU file you uploaded will be available from the VMU saves list. Visitors will be able to download it from PC/Mac or DC browsers.

It will also be added to next version of Dream Explorer, anyone Dreamcast owner will be able to download your VMU file from the CD !

By uploading your file you agree with the following rules. If you don't respect them your file might be deleted at any time, so please read them carefully.
- Most games are already in the "game's name" list, so look for your game in the list before entering a new name. Don't put anything but the name of your game here.
- Make sure your file doesn't contain data that could disturb other people (no porn, hate, racism...).
- Select the good region of your game, this means the region where the game was released, not your location.
- Please enter a description that can be understood by most people, this means description must be at least written in ENGLISH or FRENCH.
- The description field expects info about your file such as save state and/or your name, site, e-mail... Don't spam.
- The file will be stored on Blue Swirl and thus will belong to this site, every visitor will be able to download it freely.

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