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Dream Explorer 0.8.5
Last changes

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Changes from v0.8.0 to v0.8.5

  • fixed bug of VMU files' compression
  • fixed bug of VMU last formatted a sunday
  • added a "defragment" option in the "Open VMU" menu
  • implemented PSO screenshots reading in image viewer
  • implemented GD-ROM reading support
  • implemented cheats editor for Gameshark CDX files
  • allowed to view a complete description from a text file for VMI+VMS and DCI files (press Y)
  • fixed weird display for some images in the image viewer
  • increased text viewer's capacity to read files of 500KB max and changed words limit to 200000
  • rewrote the "rename" function so it more works as expected (insert chars with keyboard and pad)
  • implemented BMP images reading
  • fixed the possible buffer's overflow when loading a bad DK/DP embeded file
  • changed the default name of files extracted from a VMU dump
  • added options to change the menus' background color and opacity
  • implemented themes support
  • allowed GUI files to be loaded from PC
  • added options "rename" and "delete" for files loaded from PC
  • made options saving to VMU optional
  • allowed options changes to be saved without saving to VMU
  • added saving/loading of options from PC
  • changed options loading/saving code so it checks every other VMUs after reading/writing error
  • added texts shadows
  • implemented pre-loaded files list
  • modified VMU emulator's texts and default size
  • replaced keyboard keys by pad buttons combo for "mirror", "rotate" and "flip" functions of the image viewer
  • reduced text viewer's height not to hide some text in 60Hz
  • allowed to use personnal font instead of BIOS font
  • implemented default theme select menu
  • made menus text appear bold