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Dream Explorer 0.8.5
How to load existing VMU minigame in VMU emulator

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How to...

Select the "Open VMU" option in the main menu. Dream Explorer - VMU Tool
Select the VMU that contains the minigame you want to load in the emulator. Dream Explorer - VMU Tool
Select the "VMU emulator" option.
The selected VMU will be scanned to look for a VMU minigame.
If no file is found the loading will fail.
If you want to play to a VMU minigame that isn't saved on your VMU check this guide.
Dream Explorer - VMU Tool
Alternatively, you can load a VMU minigame by selecting the GAME file in the "File manager" and select "Play in emu". Dream Explorer - VMU Tool
The VMU emulator will open and launch the minigame found in the selected VMU.
Controls are displayed in a frame, press Start to hide it.
Use Y to leave the emulator, if for some reasons the Y button doesn't work press A+B+X+Y+Start to go back to the previous menu.
Once you left you can save changes by pressing Start, press B if you don't want to save.
Dream Explorer - VMU Tool

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