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Dream Explorer 0.8.5
How to extract files from VMU?

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How to...

1st method: internet connection with Dreamcast

1. Get a Dreamcast browser such as DreamKey, DreamPassport or Planetweb.

2. Make sure your Dreamcast is properly configured to connect to the internet.

3. Go to the VMU uploader thanks to the Dreamcast browser of your choice and follow the instructions.

4. Your file will be added to the VMU saves list.

5. You'll be able to download it whenever you want with your Dreamcast browser by clicking the "DC" link.

6. To download this VMU file with Dream Explorer, you'll have to get both .VMI ("DC" link) and .VMS ("PC" link) files. Don't rename them and put them in the same directory on the media containing the files to browse. You can also download the .DCI file ("Nexus" link) instead of the .VMI+.VMS couple
2nd method: coder's cable/BBA

1. Connect the Dreamcast to a PC thanks to a serial cable ("coder's cable") or a BroadBand Adapter (BBA).

2. Get the softwares neeeded for DC<=>PC transfer: 3. Insert DC Load's disc in the Dreamcast and start, you should see a black screen with a small white text in the upper left corner.

4. Start DC Tool GUI and choose Dream Explorer's binary
( File > Upload from... > Browse... ).

5. Once the binary is uploaded, Dream Explorer starts. You can then upload your VMU files to your PC.

6. In the same way, you can download your VMU files from your PC whenever you want.
3rd method: Nexus memory card

1. Connect your Nexus memory card (or one of its clone) to your PC thanks to the cable you got with your memory card.

2. Start VMS Linker on your PC (for Windows NT4/2000 users you have to copy the NexusLpt.sys file to your System32>drivers directory, then double click NexusLpt.reg before starting VmsLink.exe).

3. Browse your memory card ( File > Open > Nexus )

4. Select and right click your file in the list, then use the "Export DCI file..." option to select the destination path.

5. You'll be able to download this VMU file with Dream Explorer whenever you want.

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